The Grassroots Solidarity Fund: A Day Without A Woman is a DMV-area-based mutual aid fund created by ordinary citizens. Our goal is to stand with and support women and gender nonconforming workers facing employment or childcare ramifications related to their participation in A Day Without a Woman. 

Support striking working-class women by donating below. It's as simple as hitting send on your Venmo account.

We hope to provide each woman who requests financial solidarity and whose information we can verify with $60-90 in mutual aid for lost wages or childcare support for March 8th: A Day Without A Woman.

Whatever aid amount we decide (based on overall donations) will be the same for every person who applies, and will be first-come-first-served, contingent on whether a request seems legitimate. 

All remaining money from the DMV mutual aid fund will be donated to Casa RubyCalvary Women’s Services, and Ayuda.

None of the organizers of this fund work for these organizations. None of them will claim tax benefits from the pooled donation. We are not affiliated with the official organizers of A Day Without A Woman.

We chose Venmo as our funding mechanism because so many already use it, and because most crowdfunding platforms are not ideal for our purposes (as multiple individuals will be paid, and because many platforms take 5% of donations).

Strikes, protests, and boycotts have won us: the weekend and the eight-hour workday, a woman’s right to vote, the end of segregated bus systems and the beginning of the end of Jim Crow (at least in its traditional sense), and so much more. We believe in furthering that work in whatever small ways we can, and this is one of them. We hope you can join us.